The biggest challenge when studying vocabulary is to actually remember the words you just learned.

New Year resolution

December 31, 2011


I would like to learn more vocabulary! Heard that already. Do you have some time to do that? If you do, moreVocabulary is ready to help you out by making this a little easier. Our new price (-50%) for LanguageTutor and for StudentTutor are making both affordable to you and your friends. Just wish you […]

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StudentTutor – Back in the game from the beginning

January 31, 2011


Learning languages and remembering what you learned will never be easy, even for the beginners and we have experienced that, time and time again. LanguageTutor is meant for the advanced learners seeking to improve on an existing vocabulary and keeping the words they learned present in memory for a longer time. You might not be […]

LanguageTutor from moreVocabulary – and more features

September 21, 2010


LanguageTutor from moreVocabulary is a foreign vocabulary learning software for everyone to use. We are finishing up in this last post to list the features of our coming software: The current demos are available from our website – User can select up to 4 lessons at any time and keep them in a current […]

LanguageTutor from moreVocabulary – more features

September 4, 2010


– The user interface is as simple as possible and you will be able to really focus on what you need to, learning. – The working window has a width of 768 pixels, very comfortable for everyone eyes. (Equal to iPad smaller dimension) – Three users can log on alternatively and practice at their own […]

LanguageTutor from moreVocabulary – Part 3

August 26, 2010


– The basic vocabulary within LanguageTutor is the richest possible for learning a language. We have 2 times more words for you to learn in all basic and advanced lessons, compared to what you would find in an average advanced school book – The FAQ and a complete set of help pages are fully integrated into […]

LanguageTutor from moreVocabulary – Part 2

August 22, 2010


LanguageTutor from moreVocabulary is a foreign vocabulary learning software for everyone to use. We are continuing below to list the features of our coming software : – Choice of the three most useful language combinations: English-Spanish, French-English, Spanish-French. – Contextual help menus with three levels of visibility to assist you when you start practicing or […]

LanguageTutor from moreVocabulary – Part 1

August 20, 2010


LanguageTutor from moreVocabulary is a foreign vocabulary learning software for everyone to use. It will have all the features you really need and you could not find them anywhere else: – 54 lessons for everyone arranged within 9 categories to organize your learning practice. (Social, Everyday Life), (Expressing Yourself), (At Home, Food, Dining), (Going Out, […]

Learn more words and learn all the words in the right context:

July 26, 2010


An important and unique feature of our new coming program is that questions may come with an attached context. When a word has several other meanings, you might actually have more than one correct answer for a particular question. Each particular word or group of words might be related to a particular object, person or […]

Language Tutor coming soon!

July 18, 2010


Our new LanguageTutor software will be ready soon! Our associate web site is up and running today in 2 languages, French and English. Spanish will be added soon. We have finalized our software user interface. It is going to be an exciting product with just about 6.500 more words and short expressions to translate […]

Reverse Flashcard programs

June 29, 2010


I would like to discuss one of the main issues encountered with using reverse flashcards programs, when you learn languages. – Let’s take the example of the English word “striped”, like in the expression “I am wearing a striped jacket”. You would translate “striped” for a “chaqueta” in Spanish by “a rayas” or “de rayas” […]

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