StudentTutor – Back in the game from the beginning

Posted on January 31, 2011


Learning languages and remembering what you learned will never be easy, even for the beginners and we have experienced that, time and time again.

LanguageTutor is meant for the advanced learners seeking to improve on an existing vocabulary and keeping the words they learned present in memory for a longer time. You might not be able to practice everyday or every week. More time passing and your memory fades away.

Our smart repetition learning algorithm works very well for that on LanguageTutor.

To make it even better, we have recently added a new feature, which brings conveniently an online dictionary whenever you feel you need to check something about the given answers to a question and perhaps wish to understand better the subtleties of the language. The online dictionary comes with an additional benefit with a simple way to get the words of your choice pronounced by a native speaker voice at the click of a button.

Moreover, we reworked our database to make it fully partitioned, across all 54 lessons, in basic words and advanced words. This was a major work and we have done that using all resources available for the identification of the most useful words in order to select the basic words. We have compared multiple school books and files in several languages to arrive to our final choice, and after we trimmed some long lessons, very rich in vocabulary, working with LanguageTutor is a little easier and more productive.

Now, what have we done that, the door was opened to use those basic words only for a reduced vocabulary database that would fit the needs for beginners and intermediate language learners.

Here we are with a new product, a student version of LanguageTutor, we simply named StudentTutor.

What else? Yes! We improved the interface, skinned it with a more pleasant look on a dark background, shrunk it to fit, if needed, on notebooks with a 800×600 screen resolution and therefore catering to frugal but demanding students. Our original compatibility with most operating systems like Windows, Mac OS X and Linux came very handy to cover multiple computer formats on the software as well as on the hardware side.

We kept the dual database such francophones can learn Spanish or English, and use the reverse database for improving in their learning as well as offering to the Spanish or English speakers exactly the same product. We can more easily maintain and support our product line to the best possible level.

All said and done, StudentTutor is out today and you can check it on our new websites at in English and in French and probably soon in Spanish. Our website has also been relooked and made more pleasant to use and navigate, thanks to a very good artist web designer.

But let’s take a break and support our new products for the benefits of the large community of language students in Spanish, in French and in English.