LanguageTutor from moreVocabulary – Part 1

Posted on August 20, 2010


LanguageTutor from moreVocabulary is a foreign vocabulary learning software for everyone to use.

It will have all the features you really need and you could not find them anywhere else:

– 54 lessons for everyone arranged within 9 categories to organize your learning practice. (Social, Everyday Life), (Expressing Yourself), (At Home, Food, Dining), (Going Out, Shopping, Money), (Nature & Health Care), (At School, At Work), (Leisure, Hobbies), (Travel, Seeing the World), (Events, News, History)

– 6500 questions composed of the most commonly used words and short expressions.

– A correct answer is provided to you for each word and expressions to be translated in the appropriate context and might be completed with up to three alternative correct translations. You have to re-enter one correct answer if you fail to remember it better.

– All words and expressions are provided in the proper context to avoid any ambiguities in the questions.

– As a result, you will repeat and learn, while meeting nearly 10,000 words in the foreign language of your choice.