Learn more words and learn all the words in the right context:

Posted on July 26, 2010


An important and unique feature of our new coming program is that questions may come with an attached context.

When a word has several other meanings, you might actually have more than one correct answer for a particular question.

Each particular word or group of words might be related to a particular object, person or animal, fact or might be related to an expression like a question or an interjection. Sometimes such a concept or idea could be expressed in the foreign language with several different words. The richness and the beauty of any language are expressed in a variety of manners like words having several synonyms in one language and none in another.

Our program will pause in the instance of synonyms and will display up to 3 more possible answer(s) and thereby will provide all correct answers to the question within a given context, whenever it was necessary for avoiding any confusion in the question.