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Language Tutor coming soon!

July 18, 2010


Our new LanguageTutor software will be ready soon! Our associate web site is up and running today in 2 languages, French and English. Spanish will be added soon. We have finalized our software user interface. It is going to be an exciting product with just about 6.500 more words and short expressions to translate […]

Reverse Flashcard programs

June 29, 2010


I would like to discuss one of the main issues encountered with using reverse flashcards programs, when you learn languages. – Let’s take the example of the English word “striped”, like in the expression “I am wearing a striped jacket”. You would translate “striped” for a “chaqueta” in Spanish by “a rayas” or “de rayas” […]

Repetition is essential to remember words over the long run.

June 26, 2010


See the term “spaced repetition” in a Wikipedia article: This technique is not easy to implement, but with a little discipline and organization you can make it work. If you are using flash cards for example, you can make it a rule to review the flash cards you mastered  after a week, or a […]

The biggest challenge

June 26, 2010


The biggest challenge when studying vocabulary is to actually remember the words you just learned. Some words seem to stick to your memory immediately, whereas with others you always seem to forget. There are several ways to improve your memory when learning foreign language vocabulary. None is foolproof, and all require some work, but with […]

About moreVocabulary:

June 16, 2010


Some facts you may or may not know about learning vocabulary in a foreign language: – In a typical schoolbook application, most students remember only 10% of learned material after a few days, which means that 90% of what was learned is forgotten. – Knowing a relatively small number of words takes you a long […]

How to learn vocabulary and why?

June 13, 2010


Mastering vocabulary is a difficult and time-consuming task, but necessary and probably the most important part of the language learning process for many reasons. Just listen to the radio, watch a movie in a foreign language, or try to follow a conversation, and you quickly realize how much you do not understand because of all […]