LanguageTutor from moreVocabulary – and more features

Posted on September 21, 2010


LanguageTutor from moreVocabulary is a foreign vocabulary learning software for everyone to use.
We are finishing up in this last post to list the features of our coming software:

The current demos are available from our website

– User can select up to 4 lessons at any time and keep them in a current lesson list for instant access.

– We have incorporated in the databases a very limited number of duplicate questions to ensure you learn the right words regardless of your choice of lessons.

– When you have a reservation or a comment about a word or expression or about the proposed translation, a feedback button lets you access your email and correspond with the software authors.

– When you have temporary or permanent difficulty working with a word or expression, you can use the option to review the question later or to eliminate it definitively from your vocabulary list.

– You can optionally learn how to translate words and expressions from your mother language into the language you want to study (productive learning) and in the reverse order (receptive learning).

– The software displays the most recent question asked and all answers as a reference for the user information.

– The application works on all Windows OS, Apple Mac OS and Linux