LanguageTutor from moreVocabulary – Part 3

Posted on August 26, 2010


– The basic vocabulary within LanguageTutor is the richest possible for learning a language. We have 2 times more words for you to learn in all basic and advanced lessons, compared to what you would find in an average advanced school book

– The FAQ and a complete set of help pages are fully integrated into the software.

– The software checks for your knowledge of the correct articles to be used in front of the nouns in French and Spanish since they are important part of those languages to learn.

– The software corrects some of your typing mistakes by eliminating leading and trailing unwanted spaces.

– The software is setup to save you some time when you have to enter nouns in English by allowing you to skip the definite article “the”. Typing this article every time you encounter a noun would not add any value to your learning.