LanguageTutor from moreVocabulary – Part 2

Posted on August 22, 2010


LanguageTutor from moreVocabulary is a foreign vocabulary learning software for everyone to use.
We are continuing below to list the features of our coming software :

– Choice of the three most useful language combinations: English-Spanish, French-English, Spanish-French.

– Contextual help menus with three levels of visibility to assist you when you start practicing or at any time.

– Each answer is punctuated with visual and audio aids optimized to allow you to track your progress in a simple and efficient way and without all the unnecessary and unwanted distraction.

– Each response will be added to your personal credit history if you chose to and awards will be granted on a regular basis for the best suggestions received. You will qualify when you reach 5 outstanding proposals.

– In addition you may maximize this window for avoiding any distraction during your working sessions, which effectively fully covers up the wallpaper around the application and keeps your application window the same.