How to learn vocabulary and why?

Posted on June 13, 2010


Mastering vocabulary is a difficult and time-consuming task, but necessary and probably the most important part of the language learning process for many reasons.

Just listen to the radio, watch a movie in a foreign language, or try to follow a conversation, and you quickly realize how much you do not understand because of all the words you miss. You need to practice and acquire more vocabulary because knowing the basics of grammar and the words you learned in school, or through any language learning method, is simply not enough.

Words have many false friends in any new language and they can also have confusing spellings. The rules of pronunciation are full of exceptions which can increase the difficulty of the learning process.

People rely on memory, and realize that a known word cannot be retrieved when needed unless it has been well “imprinted’ through a long, sometimes mysterious, and often erratic, series of steps.

This is why decades of learning experience, and long hours spent practicing vocabulary, led us to refine our methodology for learning vocabulary and offer a dramatically efficient vocabulary learning package with many features any eager language learner would appreciate.

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